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Kindness in every visit, comfort in every goodbye.

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In-Home Veterinarian Services Melbourne
Booking your appointment online is quick and easy, or feel free to give us a call and discuss over the phone. We’re here to help.

Why choose Your Home Vet

Dr Abby & Nurse Bec take the utmost care when visiting your home and treat your pet with the best possible veterinary care filled with genuine kindness and love. The whole process is relaxing and stress-free for both you and your pet.

In-Home Veterinarian Services Melbourne

We provide professional in-home vet care with kindness, comfort and love.

General Health Consultations

Annual health checks, sick or chronic illness, first puppy/kitten consults, senior wellness plans, skin, ear and lump assessments, quality of life consults, and so much more.


We carry clinic equipment allowing us to administer vaccinations. We email you a copy of the vaccination certificate and send out reminders for annual boosters.

Blood & Urine Testing, Ultrasounds

With our equipment aboard, we can perform any necessary blood or urine tests and carry out baseline ultrasound-guided testing. We will discuss diagnostic findings, formulate a long-term plan and send you the results if required.

Medications & Ongoing Injections

Our home visits allow sufficient time to discuss medical management, perform ongoing injections and administer appropriate medications. For ease, we can fill medication prescriptions online if you satisfy the legal requirements.

Telehealth Consultations

Not sure what to do, not a problem. We provide telehealth consults for friendly and professional vet advice. You can even include your pet in on the call, we would love to meet them.

Home Euthanasia

Our home euthanasia service gives you time to say goodbye in the comfort of your own home. Within a peaceful environment and guided by Dr Abby & Nurse Bec who provide warmth, love and care during this time.

Meet Dr Abby & Nurse Bec

Dr Abby and Nurse Bec are a phenomenal team providing the best possible vet care for your pet. A duo team of a vet and nurse means the services we offer are more efficient and the quality of care is always filled with kindness, comfort and love. We are both certified “Fear Free Professionals” and deliver all consultations with a priority on patient care and wellbeing.


“We recently said goodbye to our Audrey and it has been the hardest journey. We will never forget how kind and warm Dr Abby and Bec were in her last moments. No matter how hard it was, saying goodbye was made special for us and it was like they knew exactly what we needed to hear to have closure with our decision. They even brought her chocolate cookies which she loved. Thank you Abby and Bec for your kindness.”

Jess C
Jess C
Abby and Bec were such a lovely team and were so beautiful treating my anxious dogs at home. It made a usually stressful vet experience so much better, my dogs loved all the cuddles and treats. Highly recommend this duo!
Lucius Chong
Lucius Chong
Dr Abby and Nurse Bec was lovely during the visit. The booking process was easy and they were really on time with their visit. Checked our pup thoroughly and provided everything we needed for a vet check up on the spot and at the comfort of our home. They also provided clear clinical summary after the visit, which was really helpful and informative. And plus a cute photo of our dear pup. They have made vet appointments so much more convenient and lovely.
Fei Pang
Fei Pang
I cannot recommend Dr Abby and Nurse Bec enough! They were both so gentle and patient with my anxious cat, and very thorough in their care. The whole process from booking an appointment to the end of the consultation went so smoothly. I will definitely engage their professional help from now on rather than stressing my cat out by bringing him to the vet clinic. Jason enjoyed all the attention and treats he had during the visit.
Highly Recommend! Thank you Bec and Abby!
Mediya Rangi
Mediya Rangi
Dr Abby and Nurse Bec were amazing with my 3 year old cat, Felfel! He charmed his way through the consult and cooperated very well all because they are such kind and calm medical duo. Having Felfel examined in the comfort of his own home (read domain!), especially after a difficult experience of an emergency procedure and hospital admission, is absolutely priceless! Would love to build an ongoing longterm relationship with this wonderful team. 💜
Ann-maree Field
Ann-maree Field
We had the most positive experience with Your Home Vet, they were so caring ,calm and immediately my frightened cat felt at ease with their company. The team listen to all our concerns and we have had such a great outcome from their advice. Thank you for your amazing, attentive manner we really appreciate your help with our cat “Sparkles”
Nicole Jones
Nicole Jones
The most incredibly caring Vet & Vet Nurse that I’ve ever met. The treatment they gave my extremely unwell cat felt like they were treating him like their own pet. We love Dr Abby & Nurse Bec
sravya krishna
sravya krishna
Abby and Bec were a god sent angels to help with our little boy’s condition. They were so caring, patient and took good care of Kookie during their Visit. Highly recommend them for their warmth, care, genuine concern, professionalism and patience .
Joseph Bittar
Joseph Bittar
Our cat Lily needed her yearly vaccination and a general check up. She always has a difficult time at the vet clinic as she can see and smell other cats and dogs. Having a vet service that can come see her at home where she is comfortable is a game changer. Rebecca and Abby were amazing. Would definitely recommend Your Home Vet for a convenient and stress free experience.
John La Terra
John La Terra
For 10 years we’ve struggled going to the vet with our furry friend but Dr Abby and nurse Bec were amazing! Helps so much being in the comfort of your own home but they are also so warm and attentive with your pet that it made the whole experience so chill for ours. Can’t recommend it enough.
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Abby and Bec were so caring with my cat Rick. She normally needs to be sedated for a blood test but they were able to do it at home and kept her calm. Will be booking them again for all future blood tests

I highly recommend this service to all pet parents who want their pets to be treated as the family member they are

My dog is a rescue and she gets very stressed at the vets. Being in waiting rooms can be chaotic for us and the experience of having Abby and Bec come to my house was so much smoother and calm. It was so nice to see how gentle and patient they were with her. It’s so relieving to know there is a vet that she has warmed up to.

Locations we cover

We cover a vast area of Melbourne metro and can accomodate to surrounding areas for home euthanasia services. We have a list of the areas we cover on our ‘services & pricing’ page.